Monday, February 6, 2012

Theoretical vs. Actual Savings

The No Spend Challenge has got me thinking about savings cause isn't the point of this exercise. I think it is a little silly how grocery stores and even Starbucks say how much you saved at the bottom of your receipts. I didn't save money, I just spent money. It didn't go into savings or towards paying down debt. I most likely would not have bought that thing if it cost that much more, my purchasing threshold was due to the actually price, not the savings, my mind does not work that way. However, Cappy is totally falls into that trap of theoretical savings and spends more because of the value and just saving so much on the one item he can then get those other things too. This is why it is amusing to see what he comes home from the grocery store. So I'm wondering if there is a way to bridge the gap between theoretical and actual savings or if it is necessary to. Again it seems dumb or too much effort to take those receipts and move the theoretical money saved from the checking account into my online savings account. I have the fear that I didn't budget for this and if move to much money I'll just have to dip back into the savings, which I worry will create a habit of it or if that money is moved to pay down debts that I will need to use a credit card, thus a vicious cycle is reignited.


  1. It's a hard call. When I grocery shop I consider the money I saved as savings, had I not spent the time clipping coupons and such I would have spent the full amount so I send that little bit over to savings. If I save on eating out with a buy one get one free deal I don't count that as savings because we didn't need to spend that money anyway.

  2. This is true in one way, but in another way, I agree with Debby. If it's something you need anyways, you're gonna spend kwim? But I think if you "save" money, and actually tuck it aside to really "save" it, you're ahead of the game! :)