Sunday, November 18, 2012

Procrastination: Gratification in the Delay

So I suffer from procrastination. I've learned to work around in school by trapping myself at the library or cafe until I got whatever assignment done. I knew I was ready to graduate when I researched and wrote a 20-page paper in 24 hours that we were originally given two weeks to write. I am proud of what it has forced me to accomplished. Also it has been a great money saver, in that I will procrastinate and pine over an item until it is no longer for sale. Lately it has manifested in applying to jobs, I know I'm burnt out on my job and probably not the best co-worker due to that fact and I don't want to be promoted, but I can't pull the trigger to actually apply for other jobs. I live in the future. I might go on a trip next month, I'll want the flexibility of my current job. Or this job looks perfectly I can totally see myself doing it. I'm the perfect fit for them. They totally would hire me if I applied. I basically have my next job. Oh wait it disappeared. How do I stop this procrastination and actually do things and not fall back into it? It's so warm and cozy and I'm happy when I escape into tv shows or movies in the midst of procrastination. Sometimes I take the bull by the horns but get sidestepped so easily. But this procrastination is also why I'm a saver not a spender, Double-edged sword?

This post was inspired by reading Simply Superkim's Post, "If You're Not Happy Change!"