Monday, January 23, 2012

30-Day Rule

So I actually used the 30-day rule that I learned from Get Rich Slowly. I wanted to buy new work shoes with this technique. I ended up buying them online for cheaper than I saw at the store, since the 30-day rule gave me the time to research and decide if this was the right shoe to fit my needs. It also fits into my fledgling minimalism, does this new item actually add value to my life over the burden of more stuff. Will it replace something in my closet that is worn out or can that that worn thing still be used and delay the purchase and make do with what I got? I kind of feel like I've earned it, but I think it will make my life better too. I love my new shoes, but I'm unsure what to do with my old shoes. Also I did this with my new iPod Touch, but adapted. It was a reward after the holidays and being able to save up and pay with cash, also wait until my iPod was actually starting to break ( I could only get sound sent tone ear bud.). Man do I feel happy about my purchases.

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