Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First Stop in Cincinnati, Roh's

So I decided to visit my good friend, Ryan, who lives in the great city of Cincinnati, Ohio. Many people asked why go there to the Midwest. Why? Because I can and it was cheap and I like my friend Ryan. And it turns out Cincinnati is a pretty sweet city. Reminiscent of Seattle at times, but with better jazz and chili. Anyway since Ryan knows how much I love coffee shops, he took me to Roh's Street Cafe, near University of Cincinnati's campus. First of all we went there at about 11pm and not many people were there as it was a school night. But I love a coffee shop that is open late at night, especially due to my predilection of starting things way later than I should. Roh's space is nice and open with couches to sit and chat on as well as tables to work at, a good place to catch up with an old friend as well as meet new ones. As we came into the joint, there were a couple of musicians playing a set, one was playing a mandolin, nice and low key environment. The baristos there it must be said here are fantastic. I was blown away by their coffee knowledge, of bean varieties and different roasters in Seattle as well Cincy. I just had to keep nodding my head as if I knew, since I must of since I'm from Seattle and a barista. It made me excited again to learn more about coffee and do more coffee tastings. Their enthusiasm was infectious. I ordered a cappuccino and Ryan had a grasshopper mocha, which I had not heard of, both were delicious. The cappuccino was not the best I've ever had, but maybe top 10. If I lived here, this would definitely be a mainstay for me. Oh traveling and cool coffee shops, how I love thee.

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