Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 3

How do you plan out the future? I have accomplished a lot of money goals for a millennial. I have no consumer debt (I had over two thousand dollars on a couple credit cards when I graduated college), and I have paid off my student loans (over twenty thousand dollars). I have a positive net worth. However I accomplished that a couple years ago thanks to Cappy. He's the one that owns the house we live in. I real like I'm swimming in uncertainty, trying to figure out how to answer, "Where I see myself in five years?" I'm finishing up my last class and then I can start the first section of the CPA in January. But there are so many variables we live in. Do I want to stay in the Midwest? If I stay two more years, will I stay here forever. Would that be bad? We as millennials are told we can be anything and live anywhere. We are an independent sort. How does that work when you are in a partnership? That's what I'm trying to figure out. And Cappy doesn't want to go with the flow. He is stressed that we need to save two million dollars each for retirement. I'm only making fifteen thousand a year right now. How can I make up my part of that savings? Nevertheless. I have my first interview at the end of the week for my first real accounting firm job. I'll talk about that in a later post. But these are the questions

Sunday, November 2, 2014


So it is that time of year again and this time I'm participating in it. Of course I am talking about NaNoWriMo, where you write everyday for a month and in the original program you finish a novel. I'm doing an adaptation where I write a blog post everyday. I'm hoping to get out of this experiment is new habit of writing and to get excited about blogging again. I want to be a producer not a passive spectator. I've been learning lately the joy of participating and how becoming vulnerable with the risk of looking foolish is helping me grow and feel alive and cultivate better relationships with people. For example, I went to Burning Man for the second time this year. My first time was fun, but it didn't feel life changing, I hid in my shell of shyness because it was so overwhelming with stimuli and genuineness. This second time, I focused on relationships. It started with getting to know a couple of guys pre-burn by building yurts, that would be our homes for the week. Also I volunteered to head the snow cones gifting for the camp. It was logistically complex, but starting before the burn connecting with people. At the burn, I wanted to sit down with people and get to know them more than going to events in the booklet. I helped people were I could and one day early in the week my bike chain kept on coming off and a guy stopped and asked if he could flip over my bike and in 2 seconds it was fixed. I worked on accepting people's generosity. It's hard for me to accept people's good intentions. I'm always skeptical, but at the burn I have to open up and understand people want to help and share with nothing in return. It is a weird economy. But it opens one up for epic experiences and friends that you will know deeper than those you've known for a lifetime. It's all about participating and stretching yourself to find your new boundaries. I'm excited to start this journey with you, my reader. And if you want to get on the bandwagon you can join here, if you want to be official about it.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coffee & Finance

"Coffee & Finance" was the original name of this blog. I tweaked it later because I wanted a more dynamic name.  I noticed how apropos this name is to my blog (Also I'm excited to use the word "apropos" organically in a sentence).
Lately I have been a ball of anxiety. One of the classes I'm taking is really challenging me on the school front and my boyfriend are seriously considering the next step. So instead of really doing anything last night after work, I comforted myself at looking at my account, drinking some coffee, then some red wine, and doing my taxes. I wish I could of completed my taxes, but I'm waiting on two tax forms. I find my center when I can sip on a drink and do personal finance. I like looking at the past and how far I've come (starting with 2500 in consumer debt and 20,000 in student loans, now a net worth above 5000), and making future savings goals and trying to game plan. I also looked for new coffee shops to explore on yelp.
Although I didn't get much of anything done that I should of, I did finish the night with a shiny sink, even I cheated by using the dishwasher, instead of the normal hand-washing method. I'll take it as a win.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Possibilities for the coming Year

Questions by Jenny Blake,

  • What is one new skill that you would like to develop this year?
    • I will learn how to hula hoop going beyond the basic, then add fire to the mix. It seems like it will be a fairly frugal new skill to learn to bring back to the playa.
  • What is one hobby you want to practice? 
    • I want to practice more yoga, I look at it as a hobby more than exercise.
  • Where is one exciting destination you would like to travel to in 2013?
    • I would like to go to Istanbul.
  • What is one creative project or idea you would like to undertake?
    • I would like to finish my picture frame earring holder and wine cork trivets. This year is more about the follow through, not just seeing and recognizing but actually doing.
  • What one career move would make the biggest impact on your overall happiness and success this year?
    • I will find an accounting internship. It will break up the monotony of my barista job. Also landing an internship will build my confidence in finding employment after Starbucks.
  • What one money move would make the biggest impact on your overall financial picture this year?
    • I will learn about investing beyond just contributing to my 401k and open a brokerage account after my emergency fund is back to being fully funded.
  • Who is one person you would like to meet or reach out to this year? For example, either someone new (and maybe aspirational) or a re-kindling of an old friendship or relationship.
    • I would like to reconnect with my favorite old roommate, when I go back to Seattle. I've seen so many changes happen in her life via facebook since I moved away.
  • What area of your physical space can you clean, purge or re-organize this year?
    • Like most women, I want to tackle my closet again, especially the floor. I still have bags that I haven't emptied from my vacation in September. I look at it and it just is energy sucking.
  • What is one adventure you would like have in 2013? Choose something fun, risky, different, or otherwise soul-stirring! 
    • I want to go on some more road trips. The first one that comes to mind is to Memphis.
  • What is one health or fitness milestone you would like to hit?
    • I want to run a half marathon this year. It's one of those goals on my bucket list. I'already have one run on the books for this year the Color Run in April.
  • What is one new system you can put in place, or an area of your life that you can streamline or organize this year?
    • I want to get more on board with following FlyLady rountines.
  • What is one thing you would like to ask for help with this year? Big goals often take a village, and sometimes we get shy or afraid to ask for the help we need. What would you love to have some support around, even if you're not quite sure who to ask? 
    • I need help with procrastination. It is so horrible, yet I can't break the cycle. I don't know how to fix it.
  • What is THE biggest, hairiest, most meaningful thing that you would like to happen this year? 
    •  I would like to get a full-time job in accounting. I am ready for a "big kid" job. I want to contribute more to the shared household instead of Cappy paying for majority of things.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Retail Therapy

So I didn't go home this Christmas, instead I worked. Mine is one of the few Starbucks open 365 days a year, it's in a rich Jewish area. So I didn't have to buy presents for my family this year, that's normally 12 presents at 10 to 25 dollars, so I saved a i little over 200 bucks. So instead I bought 150 dollar boots and Cappy some nice presents. I also bought heels, also a phone. I feel like I've spent a lot of money lately, but it's not that much in the scheme of things, but I've just spent a lot of time shopping and it makes me feel guilty. I miss my family, so I've been filling my time with shopping. Oh retail therapy, the roller coaster of emotions.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Procrastination: Gratification in the Delay

So I suffer from procrastination. I've learned to work around in school by trapping myself at the library or cafe until I got whatever assignment done. I knew I was ready to graduate when I researched and wrote a 20-page paper in 24 hours that we were originally given two weeks to write. I am proud of what it has forced me to accomplished. Also it has been a great money saver, in that I will procrastinate and pine over an item until it is no longer for sale. Lately it has manifested in applying to jobs, I know I'm burnt out on my job and probably not the best co-worker due to that fact and I don't want to be promoted, but I can't pull the trigger to actually apply for other jobs. I live in the future. I might go on a trip next month, I'll want the flexibility of my current job. Or this job looks perfectly I can totally see myself doing it. I'm the perfect fit for them. They totally would hire me if I applied. I basically have my next job. Oh wait it disappeared. How do I stop this procrastination and actually do things and not fall back into it? It's so warm and cozy and I'm happy when I escape into tv shows or movies in the midst of procrastination. Sometimes I take the bull by the horns but get sidestepped so easily. But this procrastination is also why I'm a saver not a spender, Double-edged sword?

This post was inspired by reading Simply Superkim's Post, "If You're Not Happy Change!"

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Start of Class, A New Beginning

My community college class started on Monday and I loved it. Its an accounting class on how to use Excel. Man, it was so lovely, because I was learning something new and making mistakes and learning from those. I could also directly see how this is a marketable skill that I can put on my resume. It is just so tangible. It gives me hope. I think now I can see the future with a real grown-up job. I think I was a little down before due to using half of my emergency fund to pay off the remainder of my student loans. It added to my feeling trapped. Also I chatted with my boss and she is willing to really work with me, by giving more hours and off the days I ask for. I also discovered that I could get the trial version of the Microsoft Suite free for 60 days, which is longer than the duration of my class. So I'll be able to make a more educated decision on whether to buy the software and which version, also education prices are nice. It's coming up roses.